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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Consult a Veterinary Doctor?

So glad you asked!

Consult a Veterinary Doctor is the brainchild of Afrimash Company Limited. Consult a Veterinary Doctor is a telemedicine service that allows you to access veterinarians anytime you need help with your animals.It’s all online – so you do need an internet connection.

You can talk to a vet via phone call or via online chat.

You can upload pictures, videos or files – whatever you need to to get the best  answers from the vet.


We are convenient

Yep. We are one of Nigeria’s only online vet service.Simply book an appointment with a verified vet from our platform, and have all your questions and diagnosis answered.

No more inconvenience of trying to get to a vet clinic, coping with traffic, bad weather, trying to fit a clinic visit in around kids after school activities or hey….even your job.

Our vets are available almost all the time.


Over 70% of Problems Can Be Prevented or Treated At Home

Yes, you heard me correctly.

The vast majority of things that go wrong with our animals can be helped with treatments we can give ourselves at home.

BUT, you need qualified advice for what you can do, and what you can’t do.

Why stress out your pet and animals (or yourself!) getting to a clinic? Talk to us. We can determine what the issue is and provide options for you to manage and treat from home.


We Provide Affordable Vet Care – No Surprises

Talk to a vet via a online chat

  • 15 minutes- N1500
  • 30 minutes – N2700
  • 1 hour –  N4500

Talk to a vet via phone call

  • 15 minutes- N1700
  • 30 minutes – N3100
  • 1 hour –  N5300

Our expert advice is delivered by registered Nigerian veterinarians. Not vet nurses, not vet techs (no disrespect to these peeps….they are amazing), only vets.

No games. We aren’t affiliated with any vet clinics, so we won’t be trying to get you to go to a clinic or get a home vet service out to visit unless we absolutely think your animal needs an in-person visit.

You can ask your question and get the answers you need to get peace of mind you are doing the right thing.

We might not be the cheapest and we aren’t Dr Google or a Facebook Forum.

Nope. We are qualified, registered vets who work in clinical practice. You can be totally assured that you are getting the best advice.

How Does An Online Vet Consult Work?

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’m asked this question! I find it a little ironic, because it seems people are quite happy to ask questions on Facebook or in Forums yet are scared to ask a real vet on an online platform.

Let me reassure you.

When you use Consult a Veterinary Doctor to get health advice about your animals you will be talking to a registered vet.

Consults Last 15/30/60 Minutes

The consult can last for different time frames, between 15 minutes to 1 hour, although we won’t cut you off if we need to take longer.

Generally speaking, we use a either chat program or a conference call to talk to you. It’s just like Messenger. You can upload photos, videos, blood results, xrays, whatever you think will help us to get a better idea of what is happening with your animal.

If we need to assess an animal in real-time, then we use video. This allows us to see exactly what is going on.

The Consult Process

The consulting process begins with you telling us what the problem is and some details like age, sex, current medications etc.

We then ask you questions….warning…there may be a lot!

We need to get right to the nitty-gritty of what is going on so that we can understand exactly what is happening.

The more detail you share with us, the better. Depending on the problem we might ask you what diet your animal is fed, when the problem occurs, what behaviour you see etc. You can download this History Form to help you to collect the information that would be helpful for an online consult.

Once we have collected the history and depending on the problem we might ask you to take a look at your animal and tell us what you see.

For example, we might ask you to count the number of breaths it takes, or show us the area of skin where a wound is present, or check gum colour.

If you have vet notes, pictures or blood results we will ask you to load these up.

Once we have collected all the information we will have a much better idea of what the problem might be and how we can treat it.

Also note that we would be able to supply all needed medications and vaccines and have it delivered to you, wherever you are.

Please note, the ability to prescribe medication is not to be taken lightly and is governed by law.

If the vet does not deem your animal as eligible for a prescription and requires an in-person visit with a vet, this is because it is impossible for us to determine what the correct medication is.

Please remember all our vets have your animal’s best interests at heart, always.

In some circumstances, we can help walk/talk you through a procedure. This might be assisting you with how to place a bandage, give an injection, treat a wound.

The chat service can be transcribed so you have a record of what to do, we also can send you a list of recommendations if required.

If your regular vet requires a record of what we recommended we can organize to send them a note too.

All in all the online vet consult is not hugely different from a regular consult at a clinic. To find out more about what conditions we can help you with read here.

How Can You Tell What Is Wrong With My Animal If You Can’t See Or Touch Them?

An awesome question and one we get asked a lot.

All veterinarians follow a logical approach to solving a health problem. This is based on our training, experience and the probability of a particular problem occurring based on the history we collect.

Regardless of whether a consult is online or not, the history is the most important part of the whole consult process.

With our extensive training, we recognize clues that the history gives us that can guide us to what might be wrong with your animal.

  • Some health problems are more common than others.
  • Some issues might rarely be found in older animals but are very common in the very young.
  • Some diseases only occur in certain regions of a country or at a certain time of the year.
  • Our ability to determine what is wrong with your animal is determined a lot by the answers that you give us.

We will also ask you to examine the animal to give us further clues as to what may be the issue. We might ask you to count the breaths, lift up the lip to view the gums or show us the wound on a leg. With all this information we are able to make an educated assessment of what is wrong with your animal.

We will then advise whether further testing is required, whether a home treatment can be given or if we need to provide a script.

If we determine that your animals requires an in person vet visit, we can advise you why we think this, what tests may be required and when you might need to take your animal.

In some circumstances we might recommend that if no improvement occurs after X amount of time, you take your animals to the clinic.

There are very few situations that require an emergency dash to a veterinary clinic. Generally speaking, if you aren’t sure then it’s best to contact us to help you make that decision. That way you are not putting your animal’s welfare at risk.

How Long Will I Have To Wait To Talk With A Vet?

Unlike other online services, Consult a Veterinary Doctor requires an appointment. Our vets are available at already specified times, you simply pick which works best for you and book an appointment.

Once you have made your payment you are in control of when you start your consult. The vet will typically begin your consultation in less than 5 minutes of your appointment.

What If The Vet Can’t Answer My Question?

After consulting on a lot of cases and seeing that all our vets have lots of experience in the field, we have yet to receive a question that we have been unable to help a client with.

If on the rare occasion one of our veterinarians is genuinely unable to help you, and we cannot find a vet that can, your payment will be fully reimbursed and we will help you to seek guidance from the right source.

If you are not happy with the service you receive, please contact hello@afrimash.com. We will review your question and answers and if our medical director deems it to be incomplete or inadequate you will receive a full refund and we will provide a more informed answer to your question.

What Animals Can you Help Me With?

Our vets are fully qualified to assist you with all animals:

  • Poultry
  • Fishes
  • Pigs
  • Goats
  • Cows
  • cats
  • dogs
  • Rabbits
  • Other birds, reptiles and wildlife

What Types Of Problems Can An Online Vet Help With?

Let’s not beat around the bush, there are some conditions that an online vet just won’t be able to help you with.

That said though, if you aren’t sure what is going on with your animals, then talking to us first can either save you from an inconvenient trip to a vet, or help you to understand what the vet might need to do and give you a guide on expectations.

Even if we determine that your animals does require an examination and/or have tests performed (bloods, xrays, urinalysis, swabs for cytology) we will help you understand exactly what is required and what the vet will do. That’s a bonus!

Let’s consider the main things we can help with:

When You Think Something Might Be Wrong

The biggie is when you just aren’t too sure what is going on with your animal. Yep, vague. You kind of think something might be up. Maybe they aren’t eating as much, their behaviour has changed in some way, they aren’t wanting a cuddle? But what’s wrong?

When you are not sure about something then it’s always wise to ask an expert vet. Why worry yourself sick looking up every symptom in the book and thinking your animal is dying? After a consult with one of our experienced vets we will be able to provide you with answers.

Behavioral Problems

Whether it’s your cat peeing outside the litter box or your dog showing signs of separation anxiety when you leave the house, behaviour problems can really upset the dynamics in your family household.

Our vets can help you to determine what the problem is, why it occurs and get you started on a treatment program.

In cases where your animal really does need to go to the vet and they are petrified, we can help you by prescribing medication to assist with this process if your regular vet won’t do this.

Nutrition and Weight Management Questions

Our vets have years of nutritional training in small animals, horses and ruminants. We are well versed in diets and can assist when you need advice on what to feed. Whether it is a dog with allergies or a horse that has metabolic syndrome, we can assist with information about what to feed and when. We also have programs available to assist with weight management. We all know that carrying excess weight is unhealthy for us, well, our animals are no different.

When You Don’t Have a Vet

Sometimes, for whatever reason you don’t have a regular vet or maybe you just don’t have access to a vet. It might be that you are new to an area, or perhaps you are rural or maybe you are on holiday. We never know when you might need a vet and having the option to use the Consult a Veterinary Doctor service can be a relief when you are stuck with no vets around you.

Medication and Supplement Queries

There are often times when you might have a query about the medication your animal has been given such as double checking an important fact like dose rate. If you ever have a query like this it is very important to discuss it with a vet, and as you know, unlike Consult a Veterinary Doctor, not all vets are available 24/7. Rather than take a guess, it is far better to be safe than sorry and ask one of our vets for advice.

We also see how popular it is for people to give their animals supplements. Many of these supplements are not registered and/or regulated so it makes sense to discuss the pros and cons of using them.

It is very important that you don’t give your animals vitamins and minerals willy nilly. A bit of this and a bit of that can have devastating consequences. Two examples that spring to mind immediately are Vitamin D and Selenium. In excess, both these supplements can cause severe toxicity including death.