cocoa_jpg_1809495cjCocoa (Theobroma cacao) is a major cash crop in the world, but the question is, how many Nigerians are ready to invest in cocoa business? Because cocoa production in Nigeria has reduced drastically and there is need for more participation in the production of cocoa in the country.

Steps in Establishing Cocoa Plantation

  • Get a land
  • Site selection (select a site with good soil structure)
  • Clear and till the land
  • It’s better to plant cocoa seedling than sowing cocoa seed directly into the soil
  • Cocoa seedlings should not be planted too close or too far apart from each other
  • Dig holes 5 to 6 weeks before planting, mix the soil you dug out with manure and refill the hole with the soil
  • Wet the soil before planting the cocoa seedling
  • It is advisable to plant cocoa at the beginning of rainy season
  • Provide the cocoa seedling with shade (not too much shade) by planting plantain
  • Mulch the plantation
  • Protect the plants from pest and diseases
  • Weed the plantation
  • Harvest your cocoa when it is ready for harvest

I’m sure you know what that means!!!

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This post was originally published at Agric Arena by Comfort Emmanuel. It has been republished here with permission.

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