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Henning Knipschild shows how we have a closed circle
of Research->Systems improvement->Knowledge gap

19 October 2017. Brussels. Stakeholder event in the context of the EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation

The stakeholder meeting was held back-to-back with the two-day plenary session of the EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) on Science, Technology and Innovation, and will broadly address the topics currently discussed in the HLPD:

  • Implementing the EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA);
  • Developing the EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership on Climate Change and Sustainable Energy;
  • Maurice Heral
    coordinator @LEAP_Agri
    towards future FSSN
  • Exploring horizontal policies of cooperation, such as ‘Research Fairness’and ‘Open Science’ and their potential added value to the two aforementioned EU-Africa R and I Partnerships.

The goal of the stakeholder meeting was to facilitate inclusive participation, cooperation and integration among all interested parties from Europe and Africa -from the public sector, private sector, foundations, funding agencies, research-performing organisations, academia and NGOs etc.- to discuss interactively on the topics described above and advance the Research and Innovation Partnerships together.

Download: Draft programme (pdf, 357 KB)

FNSSA Strategy implementation by LEAP-Agri

  • The HLPD FNSSA strategy, brief reminder Philippe PetitHuguenin (Cirad) The PROIntensAfrica project, main outcomes and stakeholder involvement 
  • Pieter Windmeijer (WUR) LEAP-Agri, project concept and preliminary results 
  • Bernard Mallet (ANR) and Prudence Makhura (NRF)LEAP-Agri, Impact pathway strategy and stakeholder involvement 
  • Cora Govers (NWO) Enlarging the partnership in relation to the FNSSA roadmap implementation 
  • Henning Knipschild (BLE) and Hamidou Tamboura (Fonrid); Maurice Héral (ANR)

Africa-EU Joint Programme Initiative on Sustainable Energy by EC/RTD.G and RINEA

  • Fadila Boughanemi, Deputy Head of Unit, International Cooperation Africa-EU High Level Policy Dialogue, Priority 2: Climate Change and Sustainable Energy 
  • Mr. David Otieno, Africa-EU Energy Partnership The Africa-EU Energy Partnership: Activities and Priorities 
  •  Irene Bonvissuto, DG RTD Philippe Schild, DG RTD Support action in preparation of a Joint Programming activity
  • Irene Bonvissuto, DG RTD Philippe Schild, DG RTD Joint Programming with EU and African partners for a R&I action in the area of renewable energy 
  • Philippe Petithugenin CIRAD/Agrinatura
    Roadmaps for science and innovation without a barrier: 
    multi-actor approach MAP needed
  • Niehoff Joerg, Head of Sector, Joint Programming, Open Science and ERA Policy EC Tools for Supporting Collaboration 
Climate Action by EC/RTD’I
  • Etienne COYETTE, DG Development and Cooperation, European Commission. Bridging the gap between climate data and decision-making: development cooperation perspectives.  
  • Manuel CARMONA YEBRA, DG Climate Action, European Commission.  Climate Action and the EU-Africa STI Partnership. 
  • Miguel A. MARTÍNEZ-BOTÍ and Jacopo BORDIGNON, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission. Climate Services for Africa in Horizon 2020’s Work Programme 2018-2020 
  • Petra MANDERSCHEID, Executive Director of the JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Internationalisation of the Joint Programming Initiative “Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe” (JPI Climate): Flagship Action for Africa 
Overcoming barriers, advancing innovation: EU-AU efforts to support regulatory harmonization for science, technology and innovation by DSW

  • Regulatory barriers for innovators in Africa: presenting the “Mother’s Delivery Kit”. Adepeju Opeyemi Jaiyeoba. African innovator from Nigeria. Africa-EU efforts on policy and regulatory coordination on STI 
  • On Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture. Irene Annor Frempong. Director of Research and Innovation from the Forum for Agricultural research in Africa. (tbc) 
  • On Climate Change and Sustainable Energy. Stephan Singer. Senior Advisor on Global Energy Policy. CAN International. 
  • On Global Health Research and Development. Claire Wingfield. Senior Product Development, Policy Officer, Advocacy and Public Policy. PATH. Opportunities and challenges for STI regulatory harmonization in Africa 
  • Africa’s initiatives on STI harmonization: the African Medicines Agency. Markieu Janneh Kaira. Executive Director of the Medicines Control Agency of Gambia. 
  • On EU research programmes: Fadila Boughanemi. Deputy Head of Unit of European Neighbourhood, Africa and the Gulf. DG Research and Innovation. 
  • On EU development programmes: Christer Hermansson. Senior Expert on Panafrican Organizations and Initiatives. EU-Africa, African Peace Facility Unit. DG International Cooperation and Development
  • IRD-WASCAL Partnership on Climate Change in West Africa : towards the Abidjan Summit, Jerome TONDOH, WASCAL Competence Center Director 
  • Concrete illustration of Climate Research and its impacts in West Africa, Jean-Emmanuel PATUREL, IRD Researcher 
  • Presentation of the Master Program in Climate Change and Energy, Adamou RABANI, WASCAL Director of the Graduate School in Niger 
  • Key messages from the EU on Climate change in Africa, Etienne COYETTE, Head of Climate change Sector in DG DEVCO, European Commission

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