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9 November 2017. Brussels. This Infopoint Lunch conference was

organised at DG DevCo Pastoralism and conflict resolution in Eastern Africa

Land issues, climate change related droughts and floods are some of the causes of conflicts in pastoralist areas in Eastern Africa. 
Trying to better understand these underlying causes and seeing pastoralists as part of the solution instead of the problem is key for conflict resolution and sustainable development.

Roberto Aparicio-Martin, Policy Officer, DEVCO C1- Rural Development, Food Security, Nutrition, European Commission


  • Maria Noichl, Member of the European Parliament, S and D
  • Peter Ken Otieno, RENCONCILE, Kenya
  • Vivian Muciri, Assistance Mission Africa, South Sudan
  • Edward Porokwa, PINGOS Forum, Tanzania
It is possible to watch the presentations on the online video here

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