“Agriculture – The Nation’s Goldmine” said the Vieman Foundation

Many years ago, we started on this path both somehow missed the way when we discovered oil. Now that “oil boom” is getting over, and Nigeria is not saved, we are returning to our first love – Agriculture. But the real question is –

Is Agriculture Truly a Goldmine for Nigeria? Is your hard earned or borrowed money safe in agriculture?

These are some of the questions expected to be answered in the Twitter Conference convened by the Vieman Foundation on Saturday 18th June, 2016 by 6:00pm. Join the Twitter conference by 6:00pm to contribute to the topic – “Agriculture – The Nation’s Goldmine”. It’s a one hour event (6 to 7pm). So, join as early as you can.

To participate, post your response with #ignitethengdream or follow @ayo_oyedotun or @Iamvictorpeter.


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