UGent: Investing in and collaborating with Africa.

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17 May 2017. Ghent University, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. Investing in and collaborating with Africa.

  • Presentation by Cristina MIRANDA-GOZALVEZ (DG Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission)
  • Keynote by Patrick GOMES (Secretary-General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States)

Thematic group sessions – Flemish CEOs present their success stories and failures about
working in Africa + discussion

  • Agriculture and forests
  • (Micro)financing
  • Energy and water
  • Trade (import and export)
Keynote presentation on agribusiness: Joris De Nocker (Rentec)
Investing in and collaborating with Africa in palm oil extraction

RENTEC is a Belgian manufacturer of machines and installations with an experience of more than 30years.

  • Palmito Basic extraction unit for village use 
  • Rural Semi-industrial unit pre-assembled in one 20 ft. container 
  • Modular Semi-industrial smale-scale plant pre-assembled in four 20 ft. containers 
  • Separate machines Separate machines that can be part of an extraction unit or a larger plant

The RENTEC MODULAR is a complete industrial palm oil mill in mini format, pre-assembled in 4 standard 20 FT containers. It processes 1 Ton/hour complete fresh palm fruit bunches and includes biomass steam boiler, 3 bar pressure steriliser, tresher, twin-screw extraction press, double stage clarifier and diesel gen-set. Engineering, design and manufacturing by RENTEC in Belgium, Europe.


Foster sustainable development through impact entrepreneurship:
First-Step Africa: Partnership with Italian Businesses

  • First-Step Africa is an opportunity for international SMEs to discover the potential of African markets by engaging African talent to study the feasibility of their businesses in specific countries.
  • The local talent will participate in the E4Impact MBA and develop the requested project throughout the program, with the support of the MBA Business Coach.
  • The selected local talent will engage in intense networking activity with local suppliers, customers, and financial and government institutions in order to guarantee a project’s start-up.
May 22, 2017

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