5 October 2017. Where are the farmers, when investing for the SDGs?
Farmers’ organisations are essential actors with major impact on achieving global SDG goals. The Farmers Fighting Poverty programme of AgriCord alliance works annually with over 200 smallholder farmers’ organisations in over 60 countries. The programme strengthens farmers’ organisations’ capacity to provide technical and economical services for their farmer members, improve access to land, credits and markets and represent members’ interests in policy making. AgriCord brings experiences from these partnerships into the debate on investing in agriculture.


  • Lode Delbare, General Director, Trias, Vice President of AgriCord
  • Anthony Chamanga, Chief Manager, TAHA Tanzanian Horticultural Association
  • Andreas Quiring, Managing Director, Andreas Hermes Akademie, Member of the Board of Directors of AgriCord

This post was originally published at PAEPARD by François Stepman. It has been republished here with permission.

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