This article assumes that you have reached our website –; and you want to list your product for sale on Afrimash.

To become a seller (vendor) on Afrimash, you have to become a member and then apply to be a vendor. You can achieve this in just one step:

Visit the Vendor’s Area  to register. Make sure you select ‘Apply to be a Vendor’ and accept our terms and conditions.

Click here to visit Vendor’s Area

Enter the username you want to use on Afrimash, your correct email address as well as the password you will like to be using on Afrimash.

Click Apply to become a vendor as well as I have read and accepted the terms and conditions (of course, you should read our terms and conditions).

After this, your application is automatically approved immediately. You will be notified by email to confirm your approval.

Once your application is approved, you may visit the Vendor’s Area  to sell without any restrictions. Here’s what you will see:

Seller Dashboard

On your dashboard, you will see a couple of tabs – Dashboard, Products, Settings, Coupons, View Store. Right now, your aim is to sell a product, so click on Products: Add ProductOn the page that you see next, click on ADD PRODUCT. This is where you enter all the information about your product.

Add Product PageHere’s a list of some of the information to enter:

  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product Short Description (Summary)
  • Category (select a category)
  • Tags (list relevant keywords for your item)
  • Next, select any other related information like item type, payment term, delivery term etc.
  • Next, select a featured image to represent your content. If possible, you can add additional images as Product Gallery Images.

If your product is virtual (e.g. online training), select VIRTUAL. If it is downloadable (like an eBook or MP3 or Vide), click DOWNLOADABLE.

Guide 2

Then enter your price. You can leave the portion for SALE PRICE blank unless you are offering a discount. If you are, you can enter your discounted price there and the full price as REGULAR PRICE.

Also, if the product does not have a stable price, you can leave the entire “price” area blank – both normal price and sales price. However, you should provide a price range in the body of the product description. This will help buyers make the decision to start a negotiation process.

You can leave the section for Tax Class and Tax Status alone. Just proceed to Add Product.Add Product last

Ces finis. You are done!


Click here to visit Vendor’s Area


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