The Executive Secretary of the Civil Society Scaling-Up Nutrition in Nigeria(CS-SUNN), Mrs. Beatrice Eluaka, has tasked media especially in Lagos to step-up nutrition reportage, NaijaAgroNetreports.

In her address at the launch of Partnership for Improving Nigeria Nutrition System (PINNS) which includes research findings, progress and call to action, CS-SUNN boss, urged the media to step up reportage of nutrition issues to inform and spur policy makers and concerned stakeholders, to take the right steps that will curb malnutrition in Nigeria, participation in Lagos State.

She also said, this media engagement on PINNS issues focuses on research findings, progress and call to action, is aimed at informing Lagos media, generally, about PINNS project, issues and prayers.

In addition, she said, the essence of this engagement is to establish media role or responsibilities for increased visibility of PINNS cum nutrition issues in Lagos State.

“To secure buy-in of media for smooth implementation of PINNS in Lagos; Increase salience of PINNS and nutrition issues among media in Lagos State,” she said.

CS-SUNN, she assured would continue to equip members of the press with useful and relevant information that would help and enable them step up thorough and factual reportage of Nutrition.

“We look forward to a most successful engagement with members of the press,” she said.
Chuks Egbune/GEE

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This post was originally published at Naija AgroNet by ITRealms DSA. It has been republished here with permission.

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