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The South American country of Bolivia, has received support to access the United Nations (UN) Green Climate Fund, requesting $250 million for efforts to reduce the impacts of climate change on food security and rural livelihoods in the country reports NaijaAgroNet.

This, NaijaAgroNet gathered formed top agenda of a meeting Thursday, between the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) led by Director General José Graziano da Silva and President Evo Morales, which is projected to assist Bolivia in accessing financial support for improved water management programmes in those areas of the Andean nation that have been hardest hit by prolonged drought.

Both agreed to jointly submit a technical proposal to the UN’s Green Climate Fund to the tune of $250 million in support for efforts to reduce the impacts of climate change on food security and rural livelihoods in Bolivia.

“This effort represents a clear example of how countries can access the Green Fund and will serve as a model for other nations in similar situations looking to access resources,” said FAO’s Director-General.

Strengthening water security is fundamental to boosting the resilience of small farmers, he said, adding that it would be important to establish institutional mechanisms for overseeing and evaluating how the funding is used.

“People are extremely worried as a result of the drought and lack of rain, so working with FAO we’re examining how the Green Fund can help us address this problem. Guaranteeing water for drinking and irrigation for our indigenous family farmers is equivalent to liberating our communities from poverty,” said President Morales.

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