28 November 2017. As part of the dissemination of principles, practices and methods for postharvest management through online channels, AFAAS together with its partners AGRIDEA, Helvetas and FANRPAN are conducting a series of webinars on postharvest management.
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The main objective is that principles, practices and methods for postharvest management are known, shared and used by stakeholders in agriculture and related fields. 
The presenters were:

  1. James Murangira shared the experience of Sasakawa Global 2000 in Uganda.
  2. Rakesh Munankami shared the experience of the Grain Postharvest Loss Prevention Project (GPLP) in Tanzania;
The first webinar took place on the 24th October 2017. The theme was “Effectiveness, profitability, business opportunities, accessibility, acceptability and adoption of technologies and good practices for postharvest loss reduction. The main presenters were: 
  • Prof. Brighton. Mvumi, from the University of Zimbabwe, 
  • Mr. Munhamo Chisvo, a consultant on Cost-Benefit Analysis of postharvest technologies.

This post was originally published at PAEPARD by François Stepman. It has been republished here with permission.

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