An estimated 70 countries across the globe are yet to establish a functional meteorological service in their domains, NaijaAgroNet can authoritatively report.
Disclosing this on Monday, while addressing delegates to the 2017 World Government Summit in Dubai, Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Mr. José Graziano da Silva lamented this development, saying this was the major reason his office has special partnership in this regard with the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).
This, he said, underlines the fact that some 70 countries do not have established meteorological services as an example.
FAO, therefore, he said, is working with the World Meteorological Organization to develop low-cost, farmer friendly services to address this need.
“To withstand the vagaries of a harsher, less predictable climate, small farmers will also need better access to other sorts of technologies and to markets, information and finance — as well as better land tenure and improved agriculture infrastructure,” Graziano da Silva said.
He emphasized on the importance of prevention which is worth a pound of cure, arguing that adaptation to climate change makes economic sense.

“… The benefits of adaptation are much bigger than the costs,” he declared, stressing that the importance of national efforts like the United Arab Emirates (UAE’s) strategy on food diversification, security and climate change. 
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Pix: Dr Joseph Romanus Mukabana – Directotr Offices for Africa & Least Develped Countries WMO

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